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SCDI was represented at Almedalen, Swedens largest gathering of policymakers and industry representatives. SCDI participated in a session on how digital innovation can accelerate the digitalization of Sweden, organized by the Expert Group for Digital Investements in the Ministry of Finance. For additional information, see http://digitalainvesteringar.se/kalendarium/workshop-i-almedalen-hur-accelererar-vi-digitaliseringen-i-det-offentliga-sverige/ We also had time to give a presentation of Dimios, […]


Communications of the ACM

The 2017 ECIS panel “Information Systems Research: Making an Impact in a Publish-or-Perish World” featuring Martin Wiener, Carol Saunders, Alan Dennis, Samir Chatterjee, Shirley Gregor, Peter Mertens and Magnus Mähring (SCDI) has just been accepted for publication in Communications of the ACM.

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SCDI @OffentligaRummet

SCDI researcher Johan Magnusson participated with two keynotes at the bi-annual gathering of the Public Sector at Offentliga Rummet. The first keynote was on what the public sector can learn from the private. The second keynote was the launch of the model for digital maturity developed by SCDI for the Offices of the Government of […]

New paper in Organization Science

The paper “From Trust Convergence to Trust Divergence: Trust Development in Conflictual Inter-Organizational Relationships” by Anna Brattström (Lund U.), Dries FAems (Groningen U.) and Magnus Mähring (SSE and SCDI) has just been accepted for publication in Organization Studies.  


Blockchain @GBGTechWeek

SCDI was represented during the blockchain track at GBGTechWeek. The session was focused on how blockchain technology ushers in the necessity of a new theory of the firm. For additional information: https://gbgtechweek.com/program/the-blockchain-track/

Executive MBA on Digital Leadership

Lisen Selander and Johan Magnusson participated on the Executive MBA program at the School of Business, Economics and Law with a module on Digital Leadership. The module focused on providing the 25 participants with concrete knowledge on how to participate and lead their organization’s digital transformation. For more information on the program, see https://www.guexed.com/.


Alumni gathering on Digitalization

Researchers from SCDI participated as keynote speaker at the annual gathering of alumnis at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg. A crowd of 150 participated in a discussion on the implications of digitalization on industrial value creation, ending up in a call for a new theory of the firm. For additional information, […]


Blockchain Hack at Offentliga Rummet

The SCDI BlockChainLab will host the first of a set of annual blockchain hackathons at the Offentliga Rummet conference in Gothenburg, May 24-25. The idea is to get groups together all over Sweden to participate in challenging the public sector through blockchain applications. The winning price is seed money from Vinnova that will allow the […]

Keynote at TMAS

Researchers from SCDI discussed what the Textile Manufacturing industry could learn from a distinction between value creation and value capture in times of digitalization. The keynote focused on lessons learned from other industries, and how these could be applied within textile manufacturing. For additional information, see http://www.tmas.se/ or contact Johan Magnusson.