Entries by Johan Magnusson

Business Enablement @ SKF

SCDI participated with a seminar for managers in the enabling functions in SKF. The seminar was part of an executive program delivered by GU Executive Education, and the focus during the day was on how digitalization impacts enabling functions within the manufacturing industry.

Funding for blockchains in the public sector

SCDI researchers under the leadership of Juho Lindman have been approved funding for a major project within Interreg. The project aims to develop knowledge and blockchain based applications for the public sector, and is based on a collaboration between SCDI and other European actors. For additional information, please contact Juho Lindman.

VGR Informatics @SCDI

Co-workers from the VGR Informatics group participated in a half-day seminar at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. During the day, Johan Magnusson gave a briefing about the Department of Applied IT and SCDI, and discussed future avenues for collaboration in terms of research and student inclusion.

Keynote on balancing @Sigma Inspiration

SCDI participated through a keynote on the balancing of efficiency and innovation in the wake of digitalization. The keynote was part of Sigmas Inspiration seminar, with 400 participants. The event also included the award ceremony for the Dream Big initiative, where four entrepreneurial initiatives were awarded with a spot in the accelerator program within Sigma. […]

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Blockchain for the public sector

Dr Juho Lindman participated in a seminar on the use of blockchains within the public sector. The event was organized by the policy think-tank SNS. The seminar contained lessons learned from the private sector, and a discussion on how this may inform public policy. For a streaming version of the seminar, see https://www.sns.se/aktuellt/blockkedjor-i-offentlig-sektor-hur-kan-tekniken-anvandas/

Ambidextrous IT Governance @VGR IT

SCDI gave a session for the management board of VGR IT on the plights of utilizing antiquated portfolio management for accelerated digitalization. Through revisiting recent findings from research, the discussion focused on how governance needs to change.