Seminar on Ambidextrous governance for CEVT IT

The seminar was focused on how the research concerning ambidexterity could help CEVT in designing their IT Governance. CEVT is the fastest growing company in western Sweden and part of the Geely corporation. How do we make sure that we do not…

Keynote at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

In the keynote, Johan Magnusson discussed how IT Governance within the public sector needs to change provided increased push for digitalization from government and citizens alike.

On the right side of the digital divide

In a chronicle in CIO Sweden, Johan magnusson explores the impact of digitalization on the equity and digital welfare.  

Keynote at Stora Infradagen

The keynote focused on how digitalization can "give your organization wings" in an industry where data ownership is an issue. Other speakers included the former Prime minister and the current Infrastructure minister. For more information, see…

Keynote at Beslutsstödsdagen

The keynote addressed the opportunity cost of digitalization, a direct consequence of model inertia. For more information, see here.

Seminar with GOTHEA on Enterprise Architecture

Johan Magnusson discussed how Enterprise Architecture could be pushed to better support innovation.

CIO Awards 2016

SCDI was represented through Johan Magnusson as member of the jury. Kari Finnskog of Västtrafik was awarded CIO of the year, in part due to her work with platform strategies for innovation. For more information, see here.

No time for innovation

In a chronicle in CIO Sweden, Johan Magnusson explores the inability of large organizations in working with digital innovation.

Maintenance management forum

The keynote addressed the changing nature of maintenance management, and the need for incorporating innovation into governance. For more information, see here.

On the merits of opportunity

In a chronicle in CIO Sweden, Johan Magnusson explores the nature of opportity thinking among CIOs, and the need for improving this despite counteracting governance.