Expert opinion on agile in Computer Sweden

In the article, Johan Magnusson discussed how the organization counteracts the shift to agile through different forms of resistance.

SCDI at Swedish Open

In a keynote for SEB and their private equity clients, Johan Magnusson discussed how digitalization will change the financial landscape.

Keynote for textile manufacturing

In a keynote delivered to the Swedish Association for Textile Manufacturing in Stockholm, Johan Magnusson discussed how disintegration and data ownership shifts will impact the textile manufacturing industry.

Opening keynote at Controllerdagen

As part of the annual brush-up for controllers in Sweden, FAR organizes a seminar. Johan Magnusson participated with an opening keynote on how the role of the controller will be expected to change in a time of digitalization. For more information,…

Digitalization and disintegration

Johan Magnusson participated with a keynote at "Digitaliseringsdagen" in Stockholm with a focus on how disintegration pushes the boundaries of digitalization. For more information, see here.

Digitalization doesnt matter

In a chronicle in CIO Sweden, Johan Magnusson explores how Nicholas Carr's seminal article from 2003 will soon be re-written, pushing the blame once again towards IT.

The user as innovator

In a chronicle in CIO Sweden, Johan Magnusson explores von Hippels idea of user-driven innovation and how this needs to be adopted by the CIO community.

Board briefing at Tamro

In a keynote on how it governance can be expanded to encompass innovation, Johan Magnusson discussed what needs to change in order for the drug logistics firm to prosper.

Opening keynote at ITSMF annual congress

As the opening keynote, Johan Magnusson discussed the role of innovation in maintenance management for a crowd of 800 participants in Stockholm.  For more information, see here.

The dangers of cutting down on innovation

In a chronicle in CIO Sweden, Johan Magnusson explores the impact of pushing innovation into the shadows of control.