Data ownership in farming

SCDI participated in a panel discussion on data ownership in farming. The discussion involved representatives from industry and focused on who actually owns the massive amounts of data that increasingly digitalized farming creates.

Blockchain briefing at Vinnova

Juho Lindman held a session on blockchain tech and its limitations at Vinnova. The target group was Vinnova experts, and the session focused on what the technology is and its implications. For additional information, contact Dr Lindman.

Keynote on digital maturity

SCDI participated with a keynote on digital maturity at the annual conference for the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency. The session focused on what to expect from continued digitalization, and how the agency may think in terms of accelerated…

SSC Samverkansdagen

SCDI participated with a keynote on the annual Collaboration day in Stockholm. The event was hosted and organized by Statens Servicecenter (SSC) and involved participants from a range of government agencies. For additional information, see http://www.statenssc.se/omstatensservicecenter/samverkansdagen/samverkansdagen2018/programsamverkansdagen2018.2022.html.

Skaraborg Digitalization day

SCDI participated with a keynote on digital maturity in the public sector during Skövde municipality's digitalization day. For additional information, see https://www.skovde.se/kommun-politik/digitaliseringsdagen/, or the link below for a…

Blockchain workshop on CIP Forum

SCDI participated at the annual CIP Forum in Gothenburg, hosted by the Center for Intellectual Property. Juho Lindman, director of SCDIs BlockChainLab, moderated a workshop on blockchain technology and applications in theory and practice. For…

SvD Energy Summit

Researchers from SCDI participated in the Svenska Dagbladet Energy Summit, in Stockholm in a panel discussing how digitalization impacts the utility industry. The main focus was on how digitalization brings a disintegration of monoliths, and…

CIO Governance in Stockholm

SCDI participated in the annual CIO Governance congress in Stockholm. The venue involved other speakers like CIOs from Husqvarna, Stora Enso, Arbetsförmedlingen, Vinge, Sandvik and ATG. The main theme was digital leadership, digital innovation…

Workshop for project managers

SCDI was represented with a keynote to spur the discussion on a quarterly meeting of senior project managers from organizations such as Ericsson, Volvo, Astra Zeneca et cetera. The discussion was hosted by Aptiv and focused on how governance…

SCDI Conference 2018

SCDI in Umeå hosted the first annual conference for SCDI. The program included presentations from representatives from academia and industry, and a strong emphasis on how we wish to continue to develop SCDI further. The conference involved…