The establishment of Swedish Center for Digital Innovation has accelerated the incorporation of research results into the classroom. The center is devoted to teaching in the educational programs of the department of applied information technology at the University of Gothenburg, the department of entrepreneurship, innovation and digitalization at Stockholm School of Economics, and, the department of informatics at Umeå University .

As examples can be mentioned the IT Management Master Program at Umeå University, and the Digital Leadership Master Program at the University of Gothenburg.

We are also devoted to collaborate with industry through executive educational programs.

At present, SCDI is involved in the following regular courses at the three universities:

Governance and Control for Digital Capabilities

The masters course covers issues related to governance and control. The course consists of a first section where the students are introduced to cutting edge research into governance and control, with the intent of finding general themes and directions for future design of governance and control for enhanced digital capabilities in primarily large organizations. The second part of the course is applied, where the students are introduced as research assistants/consultants in an organization that is experiencing difficulties with its current governance and control. The students assignment is to improve governance and control for the organization in question.

Digital Transformation

The master course introduces the students to the change management literature with a particular focus on digital transformation. The second part of the course consists of an applied exercise where the students work in practice with utilizing their theoretical insights to support an organization in its current digital transformation.