Blockchain and IoT in Ny Teknik

Juho Lindman was interviewed in IoT-podden, Ny Tekniks podcast series. He was also interviewed in Ny Teknik.

Expert assignment at the National Insurance Agency

Researchers at SCDI have been working as advisors to the National Insurance Agency in supporting them with their digital agenda, as well as reviewing the state of governance and innovation. For additional information, please contact Johan M…

Final report for Accelerated Digitalization of the public sector

Researchers at SCDI have been working as advisors to the Ministry of Finance in the design of the new agency for Digitalization. The work has involved identifying needed capabilities, governance and organizational issues for the new agency,…

Immaturity in digital services

In a chronicle in CIO Sweden, Johan Magnusson explores the deficiencies in maturity shown by large firms in how they price digital services.

State of digital competence in Sweden

SCDI co-organized a presentation with Almega and BRG on the structural competence deficiency in Sweden, based on a recent report from Almega.

Big Data on Bildningspodden

Johan Magnusson participated in a panel that discussed the role of Big Data in research on the humanities. http://www.bildningspodden.se/avsnitt/62-big-data-live/

Keynote at CIO Trend

CIO Trend tries to capture the most pressing issues for CIOs at the present. In this years keynote, Johan Magnusson discussed Governing the shadows, on how we need to adopt our governance to encompass shadow innovation happening outside the…

Opening keynote at Finish CIO Awards

The opening keynote focused on the issue of how CIOs could avoid standing in the way of progress and innovation. For additional information, see here.

Keynote at Data Innovation Summit

During the keynote at this years Data innovation summit, Johan Magnusson presented how digital leadership means lifting your analytical capabilities by the bootstraps.