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Digital Municipality of the Year

Every year, the Quality Fair awards the municipality that been most successful in their digitalization. SCDI is repersented in the jury, and now the short-list of this years nominees is finalized and communicated. The list of short-listed municipalities…

Digitalization in the utility industry

SCDI participated with two seminars, one with co-workers and one with senior management, on the impact of digitalisation for the utility industry. The discussion focused on how new forms of value creation are emerging, toppling previous conceptions…
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On the merits of doing wrong in Pharma

SCDI delivered an inspirational keynote to co-workers within Astra Zeneca on the merits of doing wrong. The keynote focused on the differentiation between efficiency and innovation, and the role of slack for innovation.

CIO Education program

Johan Magnusson participated with the first session on the CIO18 program for DF Kompetens. During the day, the participants were given an introduction to how digitalisation changes the pre-requisites for governance and control and the role of…
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Swedish Social Insurance Agency

SCDI participated with both an inspiration lecture for the staff at the Insurance agency's HQ, and a management session presenting the findings from commissioned research conducted by SCDI at the agency in 2018.

Inaugural lecture on Blockchain

Juho Lindman has qualified for becoming an associate professor at the University of Gothenburg. With his inaugural lecture, he traversed the evolution and research opportunities of blockchain. SCDI welcomes its most recent Associate Professor!…
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CIO training program

SCDI participated with the first and last session on the Certified CIO program at Foresta in Stockholm. The last session focused on new models for IT Governance and the impacts on the CIO role, and involved working with Dimo and Dimios to assess…