Digital transformation @ VGR

SCDI participated with a keynote at the annual gathering of CFOs in VGR. The keynote focused on the necessity for CFOs and other finance professionals within the public sector to take an active role in digitalization, and gave tips and tricks…

Digital maturity @ Sundsvall

SCDI participated with a two-day seminar directed towards the digital leaders of the municipality of Sundsvall. The idea is to use DiMiOS as a base for a re-design of governance with the intent of accelerating digitalization. The seminar involved…
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Expert panel @ SKL

SCDI faculty participated in an expert panel at SKL to review and comment on a recent study on digital investment benefits realization practice within the public sector. For additional information, contact Johan Magnusson.

CDI-HOI RICK Workshop on Digital Service Innovation

SSE House of Innovation and Cambridge Digital Innovation are co-organizing a Research Impact and Contributions to Knowledge (RICK) workshop on 11 December 2019, at Cambridge, UK. The workshop will explore : Service innovation in the digital…

Swedish National Radio on SCDI results

The Swedish National Radio show Ekot had a feature on research results from SCDI today. The spot was on the negative implications of legacy infrastructure on continued digitalization of the public sector. sverigesradio.se  

Podcast on digital maturity

Johan Magnusson participated in the podcast series Jobb360. The discussion focused on the continued digitalization of the public sector, and the use of DiMiOS as a means for public sector organizations to assess their digital maturity. For additional…

SCDI welcomes Aleksandre Asatiani!

SCDI is proud to announce a new member of faculty. Aleksandre Asatiani is joining SCDI as assistant professor at the University of Gothenburg. We look forward to great things! For further information on Aleksandres profile, please see here.