County Administrative Boards

SCDI participated with a keynote on the negative fallout of faulty configured IT Governance. A particular focus was devoted to the impact of issues pertaining to internal pricing, portfolio management, performance management and prioritization.…
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SCDI@GE Additive

SCDI participated with a keynote directed towards the customers of General Electric Additive. The keynote focused on changes in the manufacturing industry brought about by digitalization.

Swedish Association for Savings banks

SCDI participated with a keynote for the board of the Swedish association for savings banks in Stockholm. The keynote focused on how digitalization changes the competitive landscape for banks, with a shift towards platforms and new sources for…
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As part of the work with the award for Digital Municipality of Sweden, SCDI visited Karlstad for half-a-day of interviews with key stakeholders and informants on the status of digitalization in the municipality.

SCDI welcomes Olgerta Tona!

SCDI welcomes its latests faculty member in Assistant Professor Olgerta Tona. Olgerta will join the University of Gothenburg in January as assistant professor, and is currently at Lund university where she defended her award winning Phd thesis…

SCDI@Falkenbergs sparbank

SCDI was represented in a briefing to the board of Falkenbergs sparbank focused on the digitalization and regulation of banking in Sweden. The session was held in collaboration with researcher Viktor Elliot from the School of Business, Economics…

New editorial in Information & Organization

SCDI faculty member Lisen Selander just published an editorial in Information & Organization on digital organizing for social impact. In the paper, Lisen and her co-authors stake out a path for future research on collective action and social…

Book seminar at the Center for Global HRM

During a book seminar at the Center for Global HRM at the School of Business, Economics and Law, the book "Digitalisering och styrning" written by (amongst others) SCDI faculty was presented and discussed to an audience consisting of around…

SCD@CIO Governance

SCDI faculty participated both as moderator and keynote at the annual CIO Governance conference at Café Opera in Stockholm. The event attracts the top CIOs in Sweden and is completely devoted to issues related to governance and digitalization.…

SCDI@Umeå municipality

SCDI was represented in the jury of the Digital Municipality of the year in its visit to Umeå municipality. Umeå is one of five short-listed municipalities where the jury makes on-site visits to ascertain the quality of their digitalization. …