Balancing @ Handels Alumni

SCDI were invited by the Handels Alumni organization to present a keynote and hold a seminar on the balancing of efficiency and innovation in the wake of digitalization. The presentation is available here.  
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Slack @ Astra Zeneca

SCDI participated by hosting a seminar on the relationship between slack and innovation at Astra Zeneca. The presentation focused on "What we do in the shadows", i.e. exploring the concept of deviant behavior as a source of innovation using…

Launch of new pod!

Lisen Selander is participating in the TechnAct podcast series, an initiative in a current VR-funded research project with researchers from e.g. SCDI. To listen in on the podcast, please see here.
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Podcast on Blockchain

Juho Lindman, SCDI faculty member and director of the Blockchain Laboratory participated in a podcast on blockchain. You can find the pod here.

New paper on shadow innovation

In a recent publication in European Journal of Information Systems, SCDI faculty members present findings on how digital innovation is pushed to the shadows of control, and how the overarching governance in essence is designed to counteract…

Sea and Society Webinar

SCDI will participate with a seminar on digitalization and the links to sustainable development goals. For more information, see here.

Innovation Power

SCDI participated in a debate on digitalization in the public sector. The debate was between SCDIs Johan Magnusson and MidSweden University's Professor Katarina Gidlund. The debate focused on how we can understand digitalization and how we can…