SCDI @ CEVT Innovation

SCDI participated with a keynote on data as the engine, not the oil as well as in a panel on the smart city and transportation. The discussion centered on issues related to Edge AI, shifts in business models and logics and the role of private…

Virtual course on tracing apps

Virtual doctoral research seminar on Use, design data and privacy issues brought together 10 selected doctoral candidates from the different Nordic countries and beyond. During the course the participants reviewed current and emerging information…

Digital strategists

SCDI hosted a two-day executive program on digitalization for digital strategists in the public sector. During the two days, the group discussed how each organization could work with methods and approaches to increase the purposiveness of their…
Daniel Skog, post doc at umea university

Daniel Skog wins the Börje Langefors award

The Swedish Information Systems Academy (SISA) has announced that this year’s Börje Langefors award for best dissertation in the field of information systems goes to SCDI member Daniel Skog. His dissertation entitled The Dynamics of Digital…

Municipal CFOs and digitalization

SCDI will hold a keynote and seminar for a select group of municipal CFOs. The focus will be on how they as heads of finance can facilitate and be active agents in their respective organizations strive for increased digital maturity.

CIO Executive education

SCDI will host the final session for the Certified CIO Executive education program. The session will focus on how CIOs can design new governance and control for enhancing digital capabilities.

AI Summit 2020

SCDI will participate with a reflection on the state of AI in the public sector at the annual AI summit organized by IT&T. For additional information and registration, see here.

Volvo Cars Business Acumen

SCDI participated with a full day on digitalization at the VCC Business Acumen Program in Gothenburg. The session focused on the shifts that digitalization will bring to both business in general and specifically the procurement profession.

Digital Clinics in Session

The SCDI initiative on digital clinics, structured meetings between industry and academia, is experiencing an increase in popularity. During the past week, select researchers have met with representatives from actors in diverse sectors and industries…

CIO Executive Training

SCDI participated with the first of two sessions at the annual Certified CIO Executive Program. The session focused on the changing necessities for IT Governance and the CIO, and how this will impact the future of digitalization.