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Innovation Power

SCDI participated in a debate on digitalization in the public sector. The debate was between SCDIs Johan Magnusson and MidSweden University’s Professor Katarina Gidlund. The debate focused on how we can understand digitalization and how we can act to increase the innovative capabilities in the public sector. The conference was pushed online following the Corona […]


Presentations in Sundsvall

Through the ongoing collaboration with Sundsvall Municipality, students of the Masterprogram in Digital Leadership at the University of Gothenburg presented their reports to the managers in Sundsvall yesterday. The reports addressed issues and recommendations for improvements within areas such as IT Governance, Portfolio management, Legacy Management and Opportunity cost, and we hope that this will […]


Designing new governance

SCDI participated in the CIO19 class of the accredited CIO program in Stockholm, with a seminar on designing new governance. The outset was the increasing problems associated with antiquated governance for digitalization, and the participants were given insight into how research is currently addressing the issue.


Digital investments in Municipalities

Through an ongoing research project with Sundsvall Municipality, the research team has published the first report. The findings show that there is a wide-spread tendency towards not using investments as a means for funding digital initiatives. Instead of including digital infrastructural elements in investment budgets, this is instead pushed towards operating expense. The result is […]


How digitalization should be governed

SCDI gave a keynote at a gathering of the digitalization task-force of SUHF, the Swedish association for higher education. The talk presented recent findings from research conducted within the Research Consortium for Digital Government at SCDI and focused on issues that need to change in order to facilitate purposive digitalization.

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Introducing the Dina Files

SCDI has launched the latest in its initiatives intent on increasing the utilization of research findings in practice. The Dina Files, dubbed after SCDI Faculty member Dina Koutsikouri collects podcasts where masters students have summarized key findings from the most recent research contributions on digital innovation, digitalization, digital transformation and governance. The podcast is available […]