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Responsible AI

SCDI faculty members Aleksandre Asatiani and Olgerta Tona will organize a seminar on the responsible development and deployment of AI in organizations. The seminar will focus on recent research findings and involve speakers from both industry and academia. For additional information and to sign up, see here.


The dangers of experts in AI

SCDI is proud to host a seminar featuring Professor Natalia Levina, Stern School of Business, New York University. The seminar will focus on Professor Levina’s latest paper in MIS Quarterly, “Is AI Ground Truth Really True? The Dangers of Training and Evaluating AI Tools Based on Experts’ Know-What”. The seminar will be held on November […]

Introducing The Sandbox

The Digital Government Research Consortium at SCDI has created a sandbox where digital innovations for public sector digital transformation will be made available to the general public. The idea is to utilize the (often population-based) research to create solutions that may support decision-making in the public sector. First out are two digital innovations: First a […]

Humanistic outcomes of Tech

On September 17th, we are joined by Professor Saonee Sarker for a seminar on her work titled “Addressing Humanistic Outcomes of Technology through a Multi-Method Examination of Work-life Balance in IT work”. Saonee Sarker is currently Professor of Informatics at Lund University, Sweden. Until recently, she served as the Senior Associate Dean and was also […]

Digital transformation and HR

In a series of seminars directed toward the digital transformation and HR, SCDI is increasing the digital capabilities of HR functions in large organizations. With digitalization increasingly becoming a natural part of organizational development, the role of HR needs to change. The seminars explore both how HR and the requirements for HR-functions are changing, and […]

Two new executive programs

SCDI is launching two new executive programs designed for increasing the digital capabilities of organizations. The programs are bespoke and directed toward two organizations in western Sweden, the City of Mölndal and the Gothenburg Region. The idea is to continue pushing for making the research findings from SCDI available to executives who play an active […]


Digital Transformation Strategies in Municipalities

In a recent report by the Research Consortium for Digital Government, the current state of the art of municipal digital transformation strategies are presented. Through content analysis of the yearly top steering documents (the objectives and resourcing document), we have created an overview of how each municipality addresses digital transformation. The results show that at […]


SCDI @ GovTechExplore

SCDI participated with a keynote on digital infrastructure and digital transformation strategies at the GovTech Explore meeting organized by Bron Innovation. The focus was on identifying pointers to a national digital innovation platform.


Lifelong learning initiative

Together with Rise and their Academy for Lifelong Learning, SCDI participates in a program directed toward executives in local governments and health-care regions. The initiative covers issues of digitalization and innovation, and the sessions held by SCDI draw on the initiative of the Research Consortium for Digital Government.


National scaling of digital maturity

SCDI is part of the large ESF-project on scaling DiMiOS, a framework and tool for digital maturity assessment within the public sector. The project is run by SKR, the association for local governments and healthcare regions, and the goal is to increase the level of digital maturity to 55% by 2023. The project will involve […]