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Live cases at CEVT

Students in Gothenburg just completed a five-week assignment where they have worked with re-designing governance and control for enhanced digital capabilities. With a total of over 50 interviews, observations, workshops, surveys and a bunch of secondary data they have addressed issues of digital debt, digital maturity, agile ITPM and IT funding, only to come out […]


The future of the CIO

SCDI held the last day of the Certified CIO educational program. The focus was on the future of the CIO and how IT Governance needs to change for increased digital capabilities. Core to the discussion was the current necessity of scoping existing frameworks and working with increased pluralism and governance feedback loops to assure sustainability.


Debate on citizen activist coding

Researchers from SCDI took a stand for new perspectives on citizen activist coding and open source for the improvement of public digital solutions such as the city of Stockholms highly debated learning platform. The opinion-piece is available (in Swedish) here.

Strategies for digital transformation

The Research Consortium for Digital Government has published a report on how the municipality of Sundsvall has worked with an emergent strategy for digital transformation. The report (in Swedish) highlights the core pre-requisites such as political engagement as well as the methods applied for a successful digital transformation. We hope that the report will inspire […]

Nine open positions for post-docs

In the Wallenberg Program for Digital Innovation, we are currently looking for an additional nine post-docs to join our growing faculty. The post-docs will be integrated into SCDIs nodes and work in collaboration with the senior- and junior researchers and PhDs. For additional information, see here.


The Great Wave of Digital Competence

In a recent report, researchers from SCDI have utilized NLP and a complete dataset of all job postings in Sweden 2006-2019 to measure the demand for digital competence. The results show a great wave of digital competence clashing over both the public- and private sector, with the public lagging the private. For additional info, please […]


SCDI @ Tax Authority

Representatives from SCDI gave a keynote and participated in a panel on how governance needs to change in order to facilitate digitalization in large government agencies. The session also discussed how an internal finance and analytics department could be instrumental in revamping governance.