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The Great Wave of Digital Competence

In a recent report, researchers from SCDI have utilized NLP and a complete dataset of all job postings in Sweden 2006-2019 to measure the demand for digital competence. The results show a great wave of digital competence clashing over both the public- and private sector, with the public lagging the private. For additional info, please […]


SCDI @ Tax Authority

Representatives from SCDI gave a keynote and participated in a panel on how governance needs to change in order to facilitate digitalization in large government agencies. The session also discussed how an internal finance and analytics department could be instrumental in revamping governance.



CIO Awards is Sweden’s largest and most illustrious price for digital professionals. On an annual basis, the event celebrates the CIO, project and sustainable project of the year. SCDI is represented in the jury tasked with assessing the winners. For further information on this years winners and runner-ups, see https://cio.event.idg.se/event/cio-awards/.


New paper on AI in MISQE

SCDI faculty member Aleksandre Asatiani, together with collaborators from Aalto University, IT University of Copenhagen, and the University of Queensland, published an article about challenges of explaining the behavior of black-box AI systems in MIS Quarterly Executive. The article provides a practical framework and a set of recommendations for managers facing challenges of using black-box AI in their operations. The framework is based on a […]

PhDs on the right track

Two of SCDIs PhD students, Frida Ivarsson and Jwan Khisro just had their half-way seminars on the path to finalizing their PhDs. Both focus on digital transformation, in the forestry industry and the public sector. We wish them both all the best and congrats on this great achievement!


SCDI @ CEVT Innovation

SCDI participated with a keynote on data as the engine, not the oil as well as in a panel on the smart city and transportation. The discussion centered on issues related to Edge AI, shifts in business models and logics and the role of private firms in the development of public goods. The sessions were […]

Virtual course on tracing apps

Virtual doctoral research seminar on Use, design data and privacy issues brought together 10 selected doctoral candidates from the different Nordic countries and beyond. During the course the participants reviewed current and emerging information systems research regarding Covid-19 contact tracing applications. Participants developed paper outlines, research plans and grant proposals based on the recent research. […]


Digital strategists

SCDI hosted a two-day executive program on digitalization for digital strategists in the public sector. During the two days, the group discussed how each organization could work with methods and approaches to increase the purposiveness of their digital respective organizations digital initiatives.