Blockchain Tech Talks

Juho Lindman will present both blockchain technology and Blockchain Lab: research, education, outreach. The topic of the talk is Introduction to blockchain and SCDI Blockchain Lab
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Introducing the Dina Files

SCDI has launched the latest in its initiatives intent on increasing the utilization of research findings in practice. The Dina Files, dubbed after SCDI Faculty member Dina Koutsikouri collects podcasts where masters students have summarized…
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SCDI@GE Additive

SCDI participated with a keynote directed towards the customers of General Electric Additive. The keynote focused on changes in the manufacturing industry brought about by digitalization.
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Executive MBA in Gotenburg

SCDI participated with a module on Digital Leadership in the Executive MBA program at GU School of Executive Education. During two days, participants in the form of executives from 20 organizations met up with Lisen Selander, Fredrik Svahn and…

Blockchain solutions for Insurance

The SCDI project "Blockchain Solutions for Dynamic Pricing of Insurance" was covered in Länsförsäkringar Forskningsbrev. The project is currently exploring how blockchain can be used as an infrastructure within the insurance industry, linking…
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On the merits of doing wrong in Pharma

SCDI delivered an inspirational keynote to co-workers within Astra Zeneca on the merits of doing wrong. The keynote focused on the differentiation between efficiency and innovation, and the role of slack for innovation.

Inaugural lecture on Blockchain

Juho Lindman has qualified for becoming an associate professor at the University of Gothenburg. With his inaugural lecture, he traversed the evolution and research opportunities of blockchain. SCDI welcomes its most recent Associate Professor!…

Blockchain based eID in Taiwan

One of the projects that SCDI researchers have been involved with in Blockchain application just went live in Taiwan. It is a blockchain based eID solution built by Snowbridge and SCDIs Andreas Nilsson. The project has resulted in a recent ECIS…
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Digital leadership @ Latour

SCDI participated with a full day seminar on digital leadership and how firms need to redesign their governance in order to succeed in their digital transformation. The seminar was part of a bespoke program for Latour Investment AB delivered…
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The Future of Blockchain

On June 17th, SCDI will host a conference on the future of blockchain in the public sector. The conference is part of the BLING project, where we will create and research blockchain applications for the public sector. During the conference,…