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SCDI @ Offentliga rummet

SCDI will organize a networking seminar focused on the use of DiMiOS at this years Offentliga rummet on June 10th in Västerås. Offentliga rummet is the largest gathering of decision makers within the Swedish public sector. The seminar will…
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The Future of Blockchain

On June 17th, SCDI will host a conference on the future of blockchain in the public sector. The conference is part of the BLING project, where we will create and research blockchain applications for the public sector. During the conference,…
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SCDI on the jury for digital municipality of the year

Johan Magnusson will act as a representative from SCDI in the jury for the Swedish Digital municipality of the year award. The award is handed out at the Quality Fair, and the jury is comprised of individuals from SKL, Vinnova, Almega, The Offices…
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SCDI is represented at the 51st annual Hawaiian International Conference on Information Science. Faculty from SCDI participate as both track/mini-track chairs and authors/presenters of papers. For additional information on the contributions,…

IFIP WG 8.2 Working Conference 2018

Prof. Magnus Mähring, House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics, is chairing with fellow international scholars, the IFIP WG 8.2 Working Conference being held at San Francisco State University on 11-12 December, 2018. For more information…

Keynote at Evry Moments 2018

SCDI participated with an opening keynote on the measurement and management of digital at this years Evry Moments in Gothenburg. For additional information on the event, see here.

Pre-ICIS workshop on blockchain in the public sector

Juho Lindman and Dina Koutsikouri just got an accept for organizing a pre-workshop for ICIS 2018 in San Fransisco. The workshop will focus on blockchain and smart contract use within the public sector, and is based on empirical work in Swed…