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Summer course @ GU

SCDI participates in the summer course "Research Frontiers in the Digitalization of Society" at GU. The course is open for all, and will give you access to a set of lectures and readings from faculty members that share the latest insights from…

Digital Strategist Program

SCDI will this week hold a two-day program designed for digital strategists in the public sector. Through the program, the participants will gain increased insight into digitalization and how this may be governed and managed. For additional…

Executive MBA Digital Leadership

SCDI faculty delivered the annual two-day Digital Leadership module for the Executive MBA program at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg. The sessions focused on the basics of digitalization, digital transformation (Lisen…

CIO Executive education

SCDI participated through leading a one-day seminar on digitalization, IT Governance and the shifting role of the CIO at an executive program for CIOs.

Digitalization in the business of culture

SCDI participated with a seminar at the Business of Culture executive program at Aalto University, Finland. The session focused on how digitalization is changing the parameters for business, and how this can be managed within the sphere of the…

Designing new governance

SCDI participated in the CIO19 class of the accredited CIO program in Stockholm, with a seminar on designing new governance. The outset was the increasing problems associated with antiquated governance for digitalization, and the participants…

Digitalization for Digital Strategists

SCDI organizes its first executive education program directed towards digital strategists in the public sector. During two days, the participants will be immersed in the latest research findings. For additional information, see here.


SCDI participated with a full day on how digitalization impacts Volvo Cars and more particularly the role and function of procurement.

The Digitalization of Finance @ SKF

SCDI participated with a two-hour session on how digitalization impacts the role, function and practice of finance in SKF. The session focused on lessons learned from other industries, and how this could be applied within the setting of a global…

CIO Gathering at Foresta

Johan Magnusson participates in the educational program for certified CIOs during the first and last days of the one-year program. The program attracts an annual 20-30 individuals aspiring or experiencing careers as CIOs and CDOs that wish to…