SCDI @ CEVT Innovation

SCDI participated with a keynote on data as the engine, not the oil as well as in a panel on the smart city and transportation. The discussion centered on issues related to Edge AI, shifts in business models and logics and the role of private…

Municipal CFOs and digitalization

SCDI will hold a keynote and seminar for a select group of municipal CFOs. The focus will be on how they as heads of finance can facilitate and be active agents in their respective organizations strive for increased digital maturity.

AI Summit 2020

SCDI will participate with a reflection on the state of AI in the public sector at the annual AI summit organized by IT&T. For additional information and registration, see here.

Digital Clinics in Session

The SCDI initiative on digital clinics, structured meetings between industry and academia, is experiencing an increase in popularity. During the past week, select researchers have met with representatives from actors in diverse sectors and industries…

Seminar on Platform Strategy and Ecosystems

SCDI participated in an online seminar on platform strategy and ecosystems, organized by Digitala Stambanan. Fredrik Svahn presented a method for how to engage in the mapping of a digital ecosystem. He also contributed to a panel, involving…
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Gothenburg Board of Directors

SCDI participated with a keynote on necessary governance configurations for realizing the benefits of digitalization in large municipalities. The audience consisted of directors of both corporations owned by the municipality as well as internal…

Digital Infrastructure Governance

SCDI participated with a keynote on how digitalization changes the role of digital infrastructure and its governance. The session focused on how an actor like Sunet may need to address issues related to national digital infrastructure.

Seminar on innovation and digitalization

SCDI will participate in a seminar on public sector digitalization and the role and function of innovation October 7th. The seminar is part of the Innovationsveckan, arranged by Vinnova and others. For additional information and to sign up,…

Digital maturity in Finland

SCDI participated in the annual Kommunmarknaden, the main public sector conference in Finland. The session was about the work with digital maturity in Sweden, with the intent on inspiring action in Finland.

Data-driven @ LF

SCDI participated with a keynote on the necessity for being data-driven to the LF Research Fund. SCDI is currently involved in two projects funded by the research fund: one on the platformization of insurance and one on the use of blockchain…