The annual Archives conference

SCDI participated with an opening keynote at the annual gathering of FAI, the association for archival work in Stockholm. The session focused on how digital maturity needs to increase in the public sector, and how this may be facilitated through…

SCDI @ The Swedish Transport Agency

SCDI participated with a keynote and management briefing at the Swedish Transport Agency in Örebro. The discussion focused on digital maturity and the balancing of innovation and efficiency.

SCDI @ HR & Robotics

Dina Koutsikouri from SCDI participated at the Metting Point HR with an opening keynote on digital transformation from a research perspective. In the keynote, she leaned on a current research project studying agile transformation at Volvo Cars.…

SCDI@The Baltic Sea State Conference

SCDI delivered a keynote on digitalization and digital maturity at the 24th Baltic Sea State Conference of Social Security in Stockholm. The focus was on recent findings from the work associated with Dimios and the research consortium for digital…

SSC Nordic Conference

SCDI participated with a keynote on the diminishing returns on scale in a digital economy at the Swedish Service Center's nordic conference. The SSC is an agency focused on acting as a shared service for all other agencies in Sweden.


SCDI gave a keynote on the changing role of digital within healthcare, and the implications for governance.

County Administrative Boards

SCDI participated with a keynote on the negative fallout of faulty configured IT Governance. A particular focus was devoted to the impact of issues pertaining to internal pricing, portfolio management, performance management and prioritization.…
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SCDI@GE Additive

SCDI participated with a keynote directed towards the customers of General Electric Additive. The keynote focused on changes in the manufacturing industry brought about by digitalization.
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As part of the work with the award for Digital Municipality of Sweden, SCDI visited Karlstad for half-a-day of interviews with key stakeholders and informants on the status of digitalization in the municipality.

SCDI@Falkenbergs sparbank

SCDI was represented in a briefing to the board of Falkenbergs sparbank focused on the digitalization and regulation of banking in Sweden. The session was held in collaboration with researcher Viktor Elliot from the School of Business, Economics…