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Responsible AI

SCDI faculty members Aleksandre Asatiani and Olgerta Tona will organize a seminar on the responsible development and deployment of AI in organizations. The seminar will focus on recent research findings and involve speakers from both industry…

SCDI @ GovTechExplore

SCDI participated with a keynote on digital infrastructure and digital transformation strategies at the GovTech Explore meeting organized by Bron Innovation. The focus was on identifying pointers to a national digital innovation platform.

The datafication of the forest

SCDI held a keynote at Mellanskogs annual assembly. Mellanskog is a cooperative of forest-owners in Mid-Sweden. The keynote covered issues such as how data is the new engine rather than the new oil, and how forest owners and cooperatives could…
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Digitalization of local governments

During a seminar with the digital leadership of Vetlanda municipality, SCDI presented recent findings from the research consortium for digital innovation. The findings included the final stages of analysis for a population study of digitalization…
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SCDI @ Vitalis

SCDI participated in various panels, keynotes and interviews during the Vitalis conference. Vitalis is the largest e-Health conference in the Nordics, and the discussions covered issues such as digital maturity, digital innovation and gover…
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What should municipalities prioritize?

SCDI participated with a keynote at the annual gathering of municipal finance officers and accountants. The keynote focused on the issue of prioritization in municipal digitalization, drawing from recent findings from the Research Consortium…

National Scaling of DiMiOS

With a recent major grant from the European Social Fund, Adda and SKR are commencing the national scaling of SCDIs digital service and method for digital maturity, DiMiOS. The two-year project aims to make DiMiOS the standard for digital transformation…

Orchestrating digital innovation

In a recent publication in Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS) written by the directions of SCDI, we present SCDI as a case of orchestrating digital innovation. Through drawing on experiences from the creation and…

Eutopia briefing

SCDI will participate with a keynote on digitalization of higher education at the executive meeting of deans and vice-chancellors in EUTOPIA on April 15. EUTOPIA is a joint alliance of six universities, including Vrije, Warwick and the University…
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Executive seminar on strategy and governance

Researchers from SCDI participated in the Jonsered executive seminar. The focus was on a critical reflection of practices of strategy and governance, where executives and researchers had an open discussion on recent developments and necessary…