Business Analytics Workshop

A two-day workshop on Business Analytics was hosted in Umeå as a part of a "Smart facility services with IoT" project. During the workshop SCDI members helped the participants to understand the complex field of Data science and self-service…
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Governance and Leadership

SCDI will participate with a keynote at the annual Governance and Leadership of public welfare conference in Gothenburg (Styra och Leda framtidens välfärd 2020). The presentation will focus on digital transformation of the public sector, and…

HR and digitalization

SCDI participated with a seminar on the implications of digitalization for HR functions in large organizations. The discussion focused on how the HR function could think and act in response to increased digitalization, moving to become a tr…

Round-table on Digitalization

SDCI was one of the invited parties to a grand round-table on the digitalization of society, organized by the Chamber of Commerce West. The discussion focused on what the potential challenges were that representatives from industry, society…

Meeting point Controller

SCDI participated in the industry event with an opening keynote on digitalization and governance. The session focused on common mistakes in the design of governance, mistakes that counteract digitalization. The event brings together 100 industry…

Center for Digital Health

SCDI participated with a seminar on the digitalization of the public sector, and the challenges and new assumptions this brings to the table for healthcare. The discussion focused on potential avenues for collaboration, particularly within the…

Digital Transformation in the Bioeconomy

Digital innovation is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, SCDI was happy to be invited to give an inspirational talk on how to organize for digital innovation in the bioeconomy. The workshop was arranged by…

SCDI@DI Healthcare

SCDI participated with a keynote on the need for innovation in the digitalization of healthcare. The session was part of the conference DI Healthcare in Stockholm. For additional information, see here.


SCDI participates with two sessions, a discussion with the final candidates for the Digital Municipality of the year and a keynote on the strive for increased digital maturity in the public sector. For additional information on the two sessions,…

Digitalization @ Fyrbodal

SCDI participated with a keynote on digitalization in the public sector, its challenges and a call for action in terms of digital maturity assessments. For additional information, see here.