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SCDI @ Almedalen

SCDI will be represented at the annual gathering of policy makers in Almedalen Sweden. The session will be on the finance function of the future, where a new role is called for in light of digitalization. Research conducted at SCDI identifies…

SEB Summer Concert

SCDI participated with a keynote on the necessity for balancing efficiency and innovation in the quest for digitalization. The session was part of an event organized by SEB, with 1,000 participants that after the lectures were treated to a wonderful…

Presentation on AI management

Jonny gave a presentation yesterday at the BioInnovation Congress in Stockholm focusing on AI management. Great discussion with creative stakeholders in the BioInnovation context with a focus on AI exploration and AI exploitation. Many ideas…

Vinnova meeting

Vinnova visited SCDI yesterday for a creative discussion on how to address key societal challenges in the wake of digitalization, and especially how centers like SCDI can work mindfully to help develop digital capabilities in organizations in…

University CIO gathering

SCDI participated with a session on digital maturity and how we need to change IT Governance within the higher education sector in Sweden. The session was based on the schools having done a preliminary analysis of their operations with DiMiOS,…

Ambidextrous Leadership

SCDI participated with an opening keynote at the project management forums INN-FIKA in Gothenburg. The session focused on digital leadership, and how digitalization brings with it necessary new assumptions.
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The first scientific report on national digital maturity

SCDI has as part of its strategic initiative on Digital Government published the first of a series of status reports for digital maturity in the public sector. The report is based on DiMiOS, the method for measuring and monitoring digital maturity,…
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Digital Municipality of the Year

Every year, the Quality Fair awards the municipality that been most successful in their digitalization. SCDI is repersented in the jury, and now the short-list of this years nominees is finalized and communicated. The list of short-listed municipalities…

Digitalization in the utility industry

SCDI participated with two seminars, one with co-workers and one with senior management, on the impact of digitalisation for the utility industry. The discussion focused on how new forms of value creation are emerging, toppling previous conceptions…
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On the merits of doing wrong in Pharma

SCDI delivered an inspirational keynote to co-workers within Astra Zeneca on the merits of doing wrong. The keynote focused on the differentiation between efficiency and innovation, and the role of slack for innovation.