The datafication of the forest

SCDI held a keynote at Mellanskogs annual assembly. Mellanskog is a cooperative of forest-owners in Mid-Sweden. The keynote covered issues such as how data is the new engine rather than the new oil, and how forest owners and cooperatives could…
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SCDI @ Vitalis

SCDI participated in various panels, keynotes and interviews during the Vitalis conference. Vitalis is the largest e-Health conference in the Nordics, and the discussions covered issues such as digital maturity, digital innovation and gover…
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Open School Platform

SCDI has created a new project where we will study the ongoing initiative of the Open School Platform in Stockholm. Framed as a citizen activism initiative, parents have rallied to create a digital service that allows parents and kids to access…
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Forecasting the future

SCDI participated at the annual science fair in Gothenburg in a session on forecasting the future. The focus was on the future role of management and leadership. For additional information, see here.

Debate on citizen activist coding

Researchers from SCDI took a stand for new perspectives on citizen activist coding and open source for the improvement of public digital solutions such as the city of Stockholms highly debated learning platform. The opinion-piece is available…

SCDI @ CEVT Innovation

SCDI participated with a keynote on data as the engine, not the oil as well as in a panel on the smart city and transportation. The discussion centered on issues related to Edge AI, shifts in business models and logics and the role of private…

Seminar on tech in care

On August 28th, SCDI will participate in a web-based seminar on the potential of tech in care of the elderly. The seminar will focus on necessary changes to policy to assure the benefits of tech, and involve speakers such as Peter Larsson (IVA…

Digital infrastructure in P1

SCDIs Johan Magnusson participated in an interview in Studio Ett with the Minister of Digitalization, Anders Ygeman on the importance of digital infrastructure for tackling the pandemic. The discussion focused on the necessity for increased…
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Podcast on Blockchain

Juho Lindman, SCDI faculty member and director of the Blockchain Laboratory participated in a podcast on blockchain. You can find the pod here.
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Expert panel @ SKL

SCDI faculty participated in an expert panel at SKL to review and comment on a recent study on digital investment benefits realization practice within the public sector. For additional information, contact Johan Magnusson.