Digital investments in Municipalities

Through an ongoing research project with Sundsvall Municipality, the research team has published the first report. The findings show that there is a wide-spread tendency towards not using investments as a means for funding digital initiatives.…

Business Analytics Workshop

A two-day workshop on Business Analytics was hosted in Umeå as a part of a "Smart facility services with IoT" project. During the workshop SCDI members helped the participants to understand the complex field of Data science and self-service…

Next steps in Sundsvall

SCDI participated in a session with the Municipal Executive Committee in Sundsvall. The focus was on what politicians in municipalities need to do in relation to instigating new governance for facilitating digitalization. The session was part…

New Licentiate thesis from SCDI

On October 25th, SCDI phd-candidate Jwan Khisro will defend her Licentiate thesis at MidSweden University in Sundsvall. After this, she will continue working towards the PhD with projects in VGR, Sundsvall and other collaborators with SCDI.

New PhD Thesis from SCDI

Taline Jadaan will present her phd thesis on the emergence of digital transformation at the University of Gothenburg on October 25th. The thesis will be discussed by Professor Tina Blegind Jensen, Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business…

SCDI @ HR & Robotics

Dina Koutsikouri from SCDI participated at the Metting Point HR with an opening keynote on digital transformation from a research perspective. In the keynote, she leaned on a current research project studying agile transformation at Volvo Cars.…

SCDI welcomes Olgerta Tona!

SCDI welcomes its latests faculty member in Assistant Professor Olgerta Tona. Olgerta will join the University of Gothenburg in January as assistant professor, and is currently at Lund university where she defended her award winning Phd thesis…

Digital maturity @ Sundsvall

SCDI participated with a two-day seminar directed towards the digital leaders of the municipality of Sundsvall. The idea is to use DiMiOS as a base for a re-design of governance with the intent of accelerating digitalization. The seminar involved…

New post-doc positions

SCDI Gothenburg is now looking for two more additions to its growing faculty. This time, we are looking for 1-2 post-docs to help push our research one more step! For additional information, see here.
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The first scientific report on national digital maturity

SCDI has as part of its strategic initiative on Digital Government published the first of a series of status reports for digital maturity in the public sector. The report is based on DiMiOS, the method for measuring and monitoring digital maturity,…