Orchestrating digital innovation

In a recent publication in Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS) written by the directions of SCDI, we present SCDI as a case of orchestrating digital innovation. Through drawing on experiences from the creation and…

New paper on AI in MISQE

SCDI faculty member Aleksandre Asatiani, together with collaborators from Aalto University, IT University of Copenhagen, and the University of Queensland, published an article about challenges of explaining the behavior of black-box AI systems in…

AI is an innovation game-changer

Design is central to innovation. It refers to the way that people create ideas and solve problems. So far, innovation has been something that human beings alone do. But more recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has slowly begun to be used…

New paper on digital work

In a recent publication in Information Systems Journal, SCDI faculty member Aleksandre Asatiani with his colleagues from Finland explore how to overcome challenges associated with socialization and organizational culture in virtual work environments.…

New paper on standardization

Rikard Lindgren together with Lars Mathiasen and Ulrike Schultze just got a new paper accepted for publication in MIS Quarterly. The paper, "The Dialectics of Technology Standardization" will be made available within soon.

New paper on digital ambidexterity

In a recently accepted paper in Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, researchers from SCDI explore the balancing practices for digital ambidexterity in government agencies. The paper is available here.
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New paper in TGPPP

The research consortium for digital government has published a paper on digital ambidexterity in the public sector in Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy. The paper explores how governance of digitalization involves a combination…
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SCDI best-paper nominations

SCDI participated with several papers at the annual European Conference on Information systems (ECIS). This year, two of the submissions were nominated for best-paper, a testament to the sterling quality of research conducted at SCDI. Frida…

New paper in CAIS

In a recent publication in Communications of the AIS, SCDI faculty members Lidija Polutnik and Johan Magnusson expand on the role of inefficiencies in the enactment of ambidexterity. The paper reports on the case of a transformation initiative…

New paper on shadow innovation

In a recent publication in European Journal of Information Systems, SCDI faculty members present findings on how digital innovation is pushed to the shadows of control, and how the overarching governance in essence is designed to counteract…