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New paper in TGPPP

The research consortium for digital government has published a paper on digital ambidexterity in the public sector in Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy. The paper explores how governance of digitalization involves a combination…

SCDI welcomes Aleksandre Asatiani!

SCDI is proud to announce a new member of faculty. Aleksandre Asatiani is joining SCDI as assistant professor at the University of Gothenburg. We look forward to great things! For further information on Aleksandres profile, please see here.

Digital innovation @ Västerås

SCDI participated with an opening keynote for a seminar on digital innovation in Västerås. The event was organised by Acando and Sigma, and the focus of the keynote was on what we need to change in order to make digital innovation happen. See…

New publication in JAIS

Dina Koutsikouri and associates just published a new article on enabling digital infrastructures in the Journal of the Association of Information Systems. The article is accessible through here. The paper is based on empirical work from the…

Communications of the ACM

The 2017 ECIS panel “Information Systems Research: Making an Impact in a Publish-or-Perish World” featuring Martin Wiener, Carol Saunders, Alan Dennis, Samir Chatterjee, Shirley Gregor, Peter Mertens and Magnus Mähring (SCDI) has just been…

Inspiration on digital change

Magnus Mähring was one of the speakers in an inspiration day for digital change agents in the public sector held by the Swedish Government’s Expert Committee for Digital Investments https://youtu.be/nG_HFI4PrDg (in Swedish)
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University CIO Gathering in Östersund

The CIO network for universities, ITCF met today at Mid Sweden University in Östersund. SCDI researcher Johan Magnusson participated with a keynote and seminar on the challenges facing CIOs in higher education, particularly in light of the…

Paper accepted for Organization Studies

Lotta Hultin, post-doctoral researcher, has together with Lucas Introna, Lancaster University, received a publication acceptance decision at Organization Studies for the paper “On Receiving Asylum Seekers: Identity working as a process of…