VCC is migrating from waterfall based plan-based to agile way of working based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in order to meet future functionality demands, not the least self-driving developments. However, the process of transformation is challenging. One of the identified barriers in adopting the agile way of working relates to how communication, one of the basic principles of agile, is enacted, especially within and between teams.

Expected impact

The project creates new framework for efficient and effective communication in agile way of working as well as setting the stage for new perspectives on the agile phenomenon in digital transformation.

Theoretical perspectives

Communication, intercultural communication, organizational renewal, social acceleration theory


Volvo Cars Base Technology

SCDI participants

Dina Koutsikouri in collaboration with external researchers from GU and Aalbrog University, Denmark.

Funding and timeline

FIK research fund GU, 2018-2019.