Organizations suffer from an over-emphasis on efficiency in their governance. This negatively affects their innovation capabilities, and research has identified the need for ambidexterity, i.e. a simultaneous ability to exploit existing opportunities (efficiency) and explore new opportunities (innovation). The project focuses on how governance can be designed in order to balance between these two states, resulting in ambidextrous governance.

Expected impact

The project creates new governance frameworks for industry and the public sector, and builds theories for better understanding the balancing of efficiency and innovation.

Theoretical perspectives

Organizational ambidexterity, governance and innovation.


Tax Authority, National Insurance Agency, Offices of the Government of Sweden, Sundsvall municipality, County Administrative Boards et cetera.

SCDI participants

Johan Magnusson (lead), Dina Koutsikouri, Tero Päivärinta, Tomas Lindroth, Jwan Khisro

Funding and timeline

Mixed commissioned funding, 2016-