This research aims to provide an overview of current developments related to blockchain technology in the Swedish communal lending sector. The report outlines the current terminology and provides a research overview outlaying relevant scientific discussions. Furthermore, it provides the preliminary findings from our empirical research. The analysis is intended to be used as a baseline to evaluate the potential for deploying blockchain in this context.

Expected impact

We address these issues by providing an account of state-ofthe- art research, definitions and frameworks from scientific journals as well as drawing on other relevant reports (such as whitepapers, consultancy reports

and research provided by public agencies and institutions). This data-gathering effort is combined with an early empirical investigation using key-person interviews from selected organizations focusing on potential Kommuninvest blockchain deployment. The findings lead to a number of observations that need to be further investigated in future research.

Theoretical perspectives

Blockchain use cases


Kommuninvest and Swedish 3 communes

SCDI participants

Juho Lindman, Jonas Johnsson and Carl-Marcus Trenck

Funding and timeline

Kommuninvest 2018