Neither how digital automation is conceived of by societies and organizations, nor what it will take to implement a scalable solution are well understood. Indeed, the very definition of “smart” is unclear: should a smart solution be the most sustainable, the fastest, or the one that delivers the most social value?

This project will zoom in on one particularly cutting-edge area of automation: automated transport. This stands out as particularly fast-moving, and as such may set the standard for how digital automation is implemented at scale—and what the social and organization antecedents and implications are that emerge.

Expected impact

This project will build on a longitudinal study of how actors organize themselves in the face of both the risks and opportunities associated with deep automation.

Theoretical perspectives

Digital ecosystems, IT alignment, Ambidexterity, Digital Strategy


Ericsson, Scania

SCDI participants

Claire Ingram Bogusz, Anna Essén, Lotta Hultin, Magnus Mähring

Funding and timeline

Application in progress for project support.