Society’s interest and curiosity is growing regarding how universities can help create new knowledge and impactful input as a response to our common global challenges.  At the same time, it is challenging for a university to keep track of all the fantastic achievements that faculty continuously engage in.  Fia digitalizes and automates collection, analysis and visualization of faculty achievements, opening up the university for the world to see, and provides management with great data insights for driving improvements further. Fia is now a university spin-out with a ready commercial platform on the market and early customers.

Expected impact

Impact 1: Analytics leads to manageability and improvement.

Collected faculty achievements data opens up for internal analytics ranging from individual development, via departments up to university wide views of collective actions and impact in society.

Impact 2: Visualization leads to understanding.

It is also possible to aggregate key data points and visualize on dashboards to give live views of interesting statistics, such as were on the globe activities are taking place, or external funding etc. Visualization drives communication of non-trivial patterns and may be used to show society aggregated action areas of interest.

Theoretical perspectives

Platform based business models, Action design research


Göteborgs Universitet, Stockholms Universitet, Intellqet AB, Vinnova

SCDI participants

Andreas Nilsson, Intelleqt AB

Funding and timeline

Funded by Vinnova, Göteborgs Universitet and Intelleqt AB

Initiative started 2014 under the name AQA, Academic Quality Assurance

Market entry 2015, Currently 2018 the platform is solid and growing