Swedish Center for Digital Innovation

“Our vision is to be an internationally leading center for
digital innovation, which is acknowledged for its academic excellence,
educational engagement, and societal impact.”


Digital Transformation Strategies in Municipalities

In a recent report by the Research Consortium for Digital Government, the current state of the art of municipal digital transformation strategies are presented. Through content analysis of the yearly top steering documents (the objectives and…

SCDI @ GovTechExplore

SCDI participated with a keynote on digital infrastructure and digital transformation strategies at the GovTech Explore meeting organized by Bron Innovation. The focus was on identifying pointers to a national digital innovation platform.

Lifelong learning initiative

Together with Rise and their Academy for Lifelong Learning, SCDI participates in a program directed toward executives in local governments and health-care regions. The initiative covers issues of digitalization and innovation, and the sessions…

National scaling of digital maturity

SCDI is part of the large ESF-project on scaling DiMiOS, a framework and tool for digital maturity assessment within the public sector. The project is run by SKR, the association for local governments and healthcare regions, and the goal is…

Executive MBA on Digital Leadership

SCDI participated with offering one of the modules in the School of Business, Economics and Law's Executive MBA program. The module was focused on digital leadership, and involved sessions on digitalization, digital transformation, governance,…

The datafication of the forest

SCDI held a keynote at Mellanskogs annual assembly. Mellanskog is a cooperative of forest-owners in Mid-Sweden. The keynote covered issues such as how data is the new engine rather than the new oil, and how forest owners and cooperatives could…