Swedish Center for Digital Innovation

“Our vision is to be an internationally leading center for
digital innovation, which is acknowledged for its academic excellence,
educational engagement, and societal impact.”


How digitalization should be governed

SCDI gave a keynote at a gathering of the digitalization task-force of SUHF, the Swedish association for higher education. The talk presented recent findings from research conducted within the Research Consortium for Digital Government at SCDI…

Digitalization talks with Halland

SCDI held a keynote at a gathering of CDOs from the region and municipalities in Halland, Sweden. The discussion focused on what the public sector can do to move towards a more purposive digitalization and increased digital maturity.

Blockchain Tech Talks

Juho Lindman will present both blockchain technology and Blockchain Lab: research, education, outreach. The topic of the talk is Introduction to blockchain and SCDI Blockchain Lab
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Introducing the Dina Files

SCDI has launched the latest in its initiatives intent on increasing the utilization of research findings in practice. The Dina Files, dubbed after SCDI Faculty member Dina Koutsikouri collects podcasts where masters students have summarized…

HICSS conference 2020 - SCDI best paper nominees

In January, the 53rd Hawaiian International Conferences of System Science was held at Grand Wailea Maui where SCDI was fortunate to receive three best paper nominations. In total, SCDI was represented with 7 paper contributions: Digital and…

Business Analytics Workshop

A two-day workshop on Business Analytics was hosted in Umeå as a part of a "Smart facility services with IoT" project. During the workshop SCDI members helped the participants to understand the complex field of Data science and self-service…