Swedish Center for Digital Innovation

“Our vision is to be an internationally leading center for
digital innovation, which is acknowledged for its academic excellence,
educational engagement, and societal impact.”


Digitalization for Digital Strategists

SCDI organizes its first executive education program directed towards digital strategists in the public sector. During two days, the participants will be immersed in the latest research findings. For additional information, see here.

Digitalization @ Fyrbodal

SCDI participated with a keynote on digitalization in the public sector, its challenges and a call for action in terms of digital maturity assessments. For additional information, see here.

Digital strategy for the public sector

SCDI participated with a keynote on the digitalization of the public sector at the annual Digital Strategy for the public sector conference in Stockholm. The keynote focused on digital maturity and the challenges facing public sector digitalization. For…


SCDI participated with a full day on how digitalization impacts Volvo Cars and more particularly the role and function of procurement.

The Digitalization of Finance @ SKF

SCDI participated with a two-hour session on how digitalization impacts the role, function and practice of finance in SKF. The session focused on lessons learned from other industries, and how this could be applied within the setting of a global…

SCDI @ Ale Municipality

SCDI participated with an opening keynote on Ale municipality's digitalization conference. The session focused on how municipalities may think in order to accelerate digitalization.