Swedish Center for Digital Innovation

“Our vision is to be an internationally leading center for
digital innovation, which is acknowledged for its academic excellence,
educational engagement, and societal impact.”


Digital Infrastructure Governance

SCDI participated with a keynote on how digitalization changes the role of digital infrastructure and its governance. The session focused on how an actor like Sunet may need to address issues related to national digital infrastructure.

AI is an innovation game-changer

Design is central to innovation. It refers to the way that people create ideas and solve problems. So far, innovation has been something that human beings alone do. But more recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has slowly begun to be used…

From connectivity to connectedness: building smart, sustainable and prosperous environments through digital innovation

On the 2nd of October, SCDI through the House of Innovation participated in the national effort, Digital@Idag, in hosting a conference that brought together visionary experts to reflect on how new digital technologies are impacting organizational…

How we study digitalization

SCDI participated with the keynote at the Energiforsk seminar on water power R&D. The keynote addressed how digitalization brings new assumptions to play that topple old assumptions, and how this requires us to re-think theory. For additional…

Seminar on innovation and digitalization

SCDI will participate in a seminar on public sector digitalization and the role and function of innovation October 7th. The seminar is part of the Innovationsveckan, arranged by Vinnova and others. For additional information and to sign up,…

New paper on digital work

In a recent publication in Information Systems Journal, SCDI faculty member Aleksandre Asatiani with his colleagues from Finland explore how to overcome challenges associated with socialization and organizational culture in virtual work environments.…